Franco-Vietnam Agreement of March 6th, 1946

The government of the French Republic, represented by M. Sainteny, a delegate from the High Commissioner of France, properly authorized by Admiral D’Argenlieu, High Commissioner of France, in who resides the sovereign powers of the French Republic, on one part;
And the government of Vietnam, represented by its president, Ho Chi Minh and the special delegate pf the Council of Ministers, M. Vu Hang Khanh, on the other part;

The following has been agreed upon:

Done at Hanoi, March 6, 1946
Signed: Sainteny, Ho Chi Minh, Vu Hung Khanh

Annex to the Franco-Vietnam Agreement of March 6th, 1946

Between the High Contracting Parties designated in the preliminary convention, the following is agreed upon:

Firstly, the relief forces will be composed of

These forces, as a whole, will be placed under supreme French command with the assistance of Vietnamese representatives.
The advance, stationing and employment of these forces will be defined during a general staff conference between the representatives of the French and Vietnamese commands, which will be held upon the landing of the French units.
Mixed commissions will be created at all echelons to ensure liaison in a spirit of friendly cooperation between the French and Vietnamese forces.

Secondly, the French elements of the relief forces will be divided in the three categories:

Thirdly, in the places where French and Vietnamese forces are stationed, precisely demarcated zones will be assigned to them.

Fourthly, the French government binds itself not to use the Japanese for military purposes.

Done at Hanoi, March 6, 1946
Signed: Sainteny, Ho Chi Minh, Vu Hung Khanh

Source: Roger Levy, L’Indochine et Ses Traites, 1946. Paris: Centre D’Etudes de Politiques Etrangere, 1947, pp. 46-48, citing Notes Documentaires et Etudes, No. 548.

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