Vietnam War Timeline: 1973 - 1975


15th Jan.

Nixon announces a halt to all U.S. offensive action against the North

27th Jan.

It is estimated that there is 145,000 NVA troops in South Vietnam

27th Jan.

Peace Pact is signed in Paris. End of military draft announced

10th March

ROK Capital Division returns home to South Korea.

18th March

Major Floyd Thompson is released by North Vietnam, he was captured in March 1964

28th March

1st Aviation Brigade leaves for home and is the cut of date for the award of the Vietnam Service medal and Campaign medal

29th March

MACV HQ is disbanded and the 18th MP Brigade leaves Saigon.

The withdrawal of all U.S. troops from South Vietnam is complete and release of 590 U.S. POW’s held by communist forces in Vietnam are completed.

1st July

U.S. Navy starts to clear mines from North Vietnamese ports and rivers.

14th August

U.S.A.F. Operations Arc Light and Freedom Deal end as U.S. officially ceases bombing in Cambodia and thus direct U.S. military action in South East Asia ceases.

31st Dec.

U.S. military personnel limited to 50.


9th Aug.

Nixon resigns the Presidency. Vice President Gerald Ford becomes President

President Ford offers an amnesty to draft dodgers from the Vietnam War period.

31st Dec.

There are still only 50 U.S. military personnel in Vietnam.


8th Jan.

North Vietnamese politburo orders offensive to ‘Liberate’ South Vietnam by NVA cross-boarder invasion.

14th March

President Nguyen Van Thieu orders the withdrawal of ARVN forces from II Corps, central highlands.

11th-13th April

U.S. Navy conducts Operation Eagle Pull to evacuate U.S. Embassy staff from Phnom Penh.

17th April

Cambodia falls to the Khmer Rouge

29th April

NVA begins attack on Saigon. Marines Corporal Charles McMahon, Jr. and Lance Corporal Darwin Lee Judge are the last U.S. military personnel killed in Vietnam, struck by shrapnel from an NVA rocket

29th-30th April

U.S. Navy conducts Operation Frequent Wind to evacuate all U.S. personnel and selected South Vietnamese from the rooftop of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. The final Marines who had been sent in to help with evacuation of the Embassy are the very last to leave South Vietnam as the NVA enter Saigon.

30th April

North Vietnamese troops enter Saigon and smash the gates of the Presidential Palace with a tank and accept the unconditional surrender of South Vietnam.

The Vietnam War has ended after almost 20 years of continuous fighting.

Vietnam War casualties


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