Vietnam War Timeline: 1966

31st Jan.

Rolling Thunder bombing operations resumed.

11th Feb.

Johnson announces that the 205,000 troops will be increased gradually.

19th March

South Korea decides to send a further 20,000 troops to South Vietnam, in addition to the 21,000 already there.

28th March

25th Infantry Division deploys to Vietnam for operations in III Corps.


B-52’s join bombing raids on North Vietnam, dropping bombs huge quantities of bombs on the Mugia Pass.

25th May

1st Aviation Brigade arrives for operations in Vietnam.


U.S. increases bombing of the Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos, over a 100 missions a day.

U.S. Navy Seawolves (HC-1) is raised in Vietnam to support patrols in the Delta.

26th Aug.

196th Light Infantry Brigade is deployed to Vietnam

1st Sept.

In a speech in Phnom Penh, President de Gaulle of France denounces U.S. policy and urges the U.S. government to pull its troops out of South East Asia.

10th Dec.

199th Infantry Brigade (Light) arrives

16th Dec.

9th Infantry Division arrives in Vietnam

31st Dec.

385,300 U.S. military personnel in Vietnam.

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