Vietnam War Timeline: 1967


Operation Cedar Falls takes place with units of the 173rd / 1st Inf. / 25th Inf. / 11th Armoured Cavalry and ARVN taking on the Viet Cong in ‘The Iron Triangle’.

U.S. Navy forms the Mobile Riverine Force, Task Force 117 to support the 9th Infantry in their operations in IV Corps.


U.S. aid to South Vietnam is increased by $150 million to bring the total for the year to $700 million.


Australia deploys 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment to join the First Australian Tactical Force for Operations in III Corps.


It emerges that out of the 464,000 troops in Vietnam, only 50,000 can at present be used for attacking ground operations.


Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara announces that a barrier, the McNamara Line, is to be built to block communist infiltration of the eastern DMZ. It will include fencing and ground sensors.

25th Sept.

The Americal Division (23rd Inf. Div.) formed in Vietnam for operations in I Corps. Division includes previously separate 196th Light Inf. Brigade and soon to arrive 11th and 198th Infantry Brigades.

Thailand sends ‘Queen’s Cobras’ Regiment for operations in III Corps

Marines establish the Khe Sanh combat base in I Corps.

21st Oct.

198th Infantry Brigade (Light) arrives in Vietnam


General Westmoreland tells U.S. newsmen “I am absolutely certain that whereas in 1965 the enemy was winning, today he is certainly losing”.

19th Nov.

101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) deployed to Vietnam to join its 1st Brigade that is already in combat.

19th Dec.

11th Infantry Brigade (Light) arrives.

Australia deploys 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment to join the Australian Task Force in III Corps.

New Zealand deploys Infantry Company to III Corps.

31st Dec.

486,600 U.S. military personnel in Vietnam.

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