Three Seawolf helicopter gunships on a search and destroy mission above the Uminh Forest in the Mekong Delta.

Bill Rutledge

News Release: Seawolf Huey To Take To The Skies

08 May 2008

A restored Seawolf UH-1B helicopter will fly from California to Washington, D.C for the Memorial Day ceremonies at The Wall.

The Huey was part of the Navy’s Helicopter Attack Light Squadron 3 (The Seawolves) between 1968 and 1972 and provided air support to U.S. riverine forces operating in the Mekong Delta.

Thanks to donations, Overseas Aircraft Support (OAS) and the Wings & Rotors Museum have fully restored the 44-year old aircraft.

Together with three other Vietnam era helicopters and 300,000-motorcycle riders, the Seawolf Huey will depart from California on May 14th and travel across the country to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D.C for the Memorial Day weekend.

Full Flight To The Vietnam Wall Schedule
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