Vietnam War Dictionary


MACV Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, was established on 8th February 1962 to support the increased U.S involvement in South Vietnam. MAAG-Vietnam initially remained in control of training the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (RVNAF) before being absorbed by MACV in May 1964.

Until it is was disbanded on 29th March 1973, MACV commanded all U.S. forces in South Vietnam, including:
  • U.S. Army, Vietnam (USARV)
  • III Marine Amphibious Force
  • Naval Forces Vietnam
  • 7th Air Force operations
However, MACV did not command the RVNAF, nor was it in charge of the bombing of North Vietnam, which was controlled by the 7th Air Force. The CIA and the U.S. ambassador ran the covert war against the Pathet Lao and the North Vietnamese in Laos.

During its lifespan MACV had four commanders:

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