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CH-54 Sikorsky Skycrane.
CH-54 Sikorsky Skycrane.

During the Vietnam War a lot of heavy lifting of troops, cargo, and downed aircraft was done by the Ch-47 Chinook. However, when the Chinook wasn't enough the Army would call for the CH-54 Skycrane.

The Skycrane was designed for internal or external lifting of heavy bulk loads. It could even be configured to carry the 10,000 bomb known as the “Daisycutter”. This bomb was used to create landing zones (“LZs”) in the dense jungle.

The aircraft can operate with a crew of three. It has a six-bladed main rotor, four-bladed metal tail rotor and is powered by two Pratt & Whitney T-73-P-1 4500 shp turbine engines and capable of a speed of 128 mph (111 knots).
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