AN / PRC-10 Radio

The 'Prick 10' was the standard FM radio at the start of the Vietnam War. It was issued with both a 10-foot long-range antenna (AT-271/PRC) and a 3-foot short range antenna (AT-272/PRC) and was powered by a battery (BA-279/U) that could last between 20 and 30 hours.

Weighing 26 pounds, the PRC-10 was issued with a carrying harness (ST-120/PR), which was designed to fasten to the shoulder loops on the M-1945 suspenders. However, Marines in Vietnam often opted to carry the radio on the plywood packboard. Though it had been largely replaced by the PRC-25 by the end of 1965, the Marines continued to use the PRC-10 until 1967. This was typical of the Corps who had a tendency for falling behind in the issue of new equipment.

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