GS/FRP-1 Summer Flying Gloves

  • FSN
  • 8415-935-6328 (size: 7)
  • Specification
  • MIL-G-81188
Originally issued to Navy airmen in South East Asia, the GS/FRP-1 flight gloves were tested by the Army Concept Team in Vietnam (ACTIV) in late 1967 as a replacement for the leather B-3A gloves. The B-3A's provided only limited protection against fire and were uncomfortable to wear due to the excessive perspiration they caused in tropical conditions.

The back of the gauntlet style GS/FRP-1 gloves as well as the back of the thumb and the side of the fingers were fabricated from Nomex cloth, whilst the palm, fingers and thumb were made from washable sheepskin leather. This construction provided improved ventilation in addition to flame and heat protection and as a result ACTIV recommended in January 1968 that the Nomex gloves be adopted for immediate issue in Vietnam.1

1. Support To United States Army In Vietnam - Clothing & Organic Materials Vol II (United States Army Material Command August 1968)

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