Flyers Hot Weather Shirt

  • FSN
  • 8415-935-4898 (size: 19-1/2 Sleeve)
  • Specification
  • MIL-S-43686
Development of the Army aircrew uniform began in 1966 when the Army Concept Team In Vietnam (ACTIV) tested the Navy’s CS/FRP-1 flight suit, but found the pockets to be inadequate and the material to cause skin irritation. As a result in early 1967 Natick Labs supplied for evaluation 201 specially developed coveralls made from smother woven Nomex.1 Whilst the new coveralls were an improvement on the Navy’s design, aircrew mobility was still restricted and prompted the switch to a 2-piece uniform in 1968.

The standardized Army aircrew shirt was made from OG-106 fire resistant Nomex twill and had two patch pockets with flaps, a zip front closure and Velcro cuff fasteners. The upper left sleeve featured a cigarette pocket, which concealed a pen pocket underneath.

1. Final Report - Evaluation of Crew Member's Improved Fire Resistant Flight Coverals - ACA-45/67I (Army Concept Team In Vietnam May 1967)

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